Fatinova vishivanka v stili bokho Magiia vitru

Code: 475

2500.0 UAH

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Color: Пудровий
Method of manufacturing: Машинная вишивка
Type of embroidery: Хрестиком
Cloth: Euroset
Availability: Под заказ


The gentle and air blouse "Magic of the Wind" is the true embodiment of exquisite femininity.

The light, light poured eurosite is decorated with roses embroidered in an authentic Ukrainian style. Rose - the favorite flower of Ukrainians, which has been embroidered on clothes and towels since ancient times. In addition, the rose is a symbol of gentleness and attractiveness.

The embroidery is decorated with natural lace lace. The sleeve is sewn in a bocho style.

Cross-embroidery is made on industrial Japanese embroidery machines with high quality threads that do not melt. The product is hand sewn by our craftsmen.

You can sew the selected product by individual measurements and modify the cut, pick up a different color of the fabric, and change the color of the threads. We can also offer to embroidery another ornament or a picture chosen not from the presented on our site, but personally by you.

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Fatinova vishivanka v stili bokho Magiia vitru Code: 475